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Austin Cox
Austin Cox

Secret Of Monkey Island Vista

Take the scupperware and put your bait inside it, then leave the bank. Go to the Bait Shoppe and get some termites on your prosthetic hand. Go to the mansion and spray some cologne on one of the animals to make Mandrill break his walking stick. Go to the stick shop and use the termites on his stick, then go to his mansion again. Tell Mandrill that you know about the loot and he will leave - follow him by the trail of sawdust he leaves. Walk around to the back of the island to find a secret passage. Go down and push the button, then climb back up. Dive into the deep water and open the scupperware to catch a glowing fish - you can now see a secret door. Go through and grab the loot and the screw. Head back to the jail and show both to the inspector.

Secret of monkey island vista


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