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Facilitating Human Learning By Avelina Aquino Pdf 16 PORTABLE

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How to Facilitate Human Learning: A Review of Avelina Aquino's Book

Human learning is a complex and dynamic process that involves cognitive, affective, and social factors. Learning can be enhanced by facilitating strategies that help learners activate their prior knowledge, engage in meaningful activities, and reflect on their progress. Avelina Aquino, a professor of education, provides a comprehensive and practical guide on how to facilitate human learning in her book Facilitating Human Learning (2nd edition).

The book consists of 16 chapters that cover various topics related to human learning, such as cognitive processes, analogical thinking, motivation, self-regulation, metacognition, cooperative learning, problem-based learning, assessment, and feedback. Each chapter begins with an overview of the main concepts and theories, followed by examples and applications in different contexts and disciplines. The book also includes exercises, activities, and questions that help readers check their understanding and apply their learning.

Aquino's book is a valuable resource for teachers, trainers, facilitators, and learners who want to improve their teaching and learning skills. The book offers a clear and concise explanation of the principles and practices of facilitating human learning, as well as practical suggestions and tips on how to implement them in various settings. The book is also available in PDF format for easy access and download.

To learn more about Facilitating Human Learning by Avelina Aquino, you can visit the following links:

Scribd: You can read the first chapter of the book online or download it as DOCX, PDF, or TXT file.

Blogspot: You can read a summary of each chapter of the book online.

PDF: You can download the whole book as a PDF file.

One of the key features of Aquino's book is that it emphasizes the role of the facilitator in human learning. The facilitator is not a mere transmitter of information, but a guide, a coach, a mentor, and a co-learner who helps learners achieve their learning goals. The facilitator also creates a conducive learning environment that fosters positive interactions, feedback, and reflection among learners.

Another important aspect of Aquino's book is that it integrates research and practice in human learning. The book draws on various theories and models from psychology, education, and other disciplines to explain how human learning works and how it can be improved. The book also provides examples and cases from real-life situations and contexts that illustrate how facilitating strategies can be applied and adapted to different learners, settings, and goals.

Aquino's book is a useful and relevant source of information and inspiration for anyone who is interested in facilitating human learning. The book provides a comprehensive and practical framework that can help facilitators design, implement, and evaluate effective learning experiences for themselves and others. The book also encourages readers to reflect on their own learning processes and outcomes, and to seek continuous improvement and innovation in their facilitating practices. ec8f644aee


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