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Smurfs - The Lost Village (English) Hindi Mp4 Download: The Best Animated Movie of 2017

WAS IT GOOD?: It was okay. The animation was colorful, bright, and lively, with plenty of laughs and some genuinely funny moments. The biggest downside is that the script (based on a story by the Smurfs writers Jonathan Winfrey-Hill and Kevin Pereira) seemed to be designed with very young kids in mind. Add in the lack of any role for Papa Smurf, Hefty's dad, who's both wise and helpful, and the loss of the catchy theme song from the previous movies, and it's difficult for any older kids who grew up with the characters to enjoy the same way.

Download Smurfs - The Lost Village (English) Movie In Hindi Mp4

THE SERIES FINALE: In the end, the movie was really good at entertaining kids, and the ensemble cast is strong, and the emphasis on teamwork was a nice change of pace from some of the darker live-action movies. The best thing about the movie, though, is that it's the first big Smurfs story with a very clear girl-power message, in which Smurfette "sticks it" to Gargamel, as well as the wise, powerful, and funny Smurfwillow. Even though fans won't be as disappointed by the lack of an "Happily Ever After" type ending, there's no reason to believe that the series won't continue with more smurf adventures.

For a video interview with writer/director Peter de Selders about Smurfs: The Lost Village, visit The Hindi Monitor . This video was produced in association with Disney-Pixar and vetted by The San Francisco Examiner . De Selders is a longtime Disney fan and has been developing new ideas for Smurfs since he was a child.

All in all, Smurfs: The Lost Village is a fun, funny, and pretty sweet smurfastic time. It's got plenty of kids-oriented appeal, but if you're looking for a compelling female lead character, you're out of luck here. The strongest thing about this film, as I say, is the lead actors and actresses, as well as Demi Lovato, who is a charming and competent voice talent.


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