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Download Sky Q Remote App and Control Your Sky Devices with Ease

I can only hope this helps those who are suffering with an unusable service like myself.Right now I've been able to download successful since making this adjustment - so happy is streching it - but maybe I'm content/

download sky q remote

Sky Q originally launched with a Touch remote, which had a touchpad in the middle of it. This has since been replaced with the new Touch remote, which has physical buttons; however, dive into the Settings, menu and you can turn on Touch mode again. Having Touch mode turned on lets you do a few neat things, including:

Occasionally, you might find on-demand content is taking an age to become available to watch, leaving you twiddling your thumbs. You can usually sort this out easily enough by going into Recordings, then into the Downloading submenu, from which you can cancel the download. Just go back out and start it again and more than likely it will work better the second time around.

I see this discussion has been raised a number of times but as yet, there appears to be no working solution. I have been getting this error when trying to download on demand shows, and this has error has been increasing in frequency over the past few days. I am using Zen Internet via a wired connection to rule out any issues with Wifi and my internet connection is stable.

My experience has shown that accessing Sky's on-demand/catch-up shows can be problematic at times. I've found that you can eventually access the same show via different methods and sometimes one method works and sometimes another method works. It seems a bit hit-and-miss to me. Also, I've had partially downloaded programs of a series block the same program being futher downloaded. So, my suggestions are as follows :

I've seen suggestion 4 return all kinds of different options of the same show when using a-d. And depending on the option sometimes a download fails and sometimes it works. You just have to find the right option. for the specific program you're wanting to watch.

A recent example for me was with Happy Valley. On the Home page it took me to Episode 6 of Series 3 and when it started playing it was Episode 6 of Series 2!. I then went back to the Home page and it wouldn't show any Episodes for Series 3. I then used voice search and lo and behold I could see all Episodes of Series 3? I've seen similar behaviour when you start downloading too, where one download repeatedly fails using one method to access the Episode. Yet when you access the same Episode via another method then the download works.

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I had a number of shows that were stuck in the failed state, so I deleted these and went in to manage deleted and deleted them from there also and any old shows in the series. It has now downloaded the show I was trying to watch. I'll report back if this works if the issue continues, although it really needs a proper fix from Sky

I've started to see this as well, generally random shows. It's more often when downloading the next episode in the background. If I go into it, and try to download again, it more often than not works. Streaming is fine, and we have no network issues in the house. It's more an annoyance but with the money we pay, it shouldn't happen!!

I've tried various groups of downloads today with mixed results. One group completed successfully while another completely failed with one episode not even responding after an initial attempt giving a "due to a technical issue, it has not been possible..."

It might be ok tomorrow, I've too have done all of the above. It's frustrating cos we pay for a service that only works intermittently, I'm currently trying to download 2 programs off of history, managed to get 1 but the other one just won't download, so I'll try later or tomoro, try it late at night that seems to work for me, but it's not the point, which is why I think it's the servers, I have no evidence for this just eliminate the obvious and what's left. Sky might as well just shrugg their shoulders on the issue as well.

My wife has never got used to the Sky Q Menu, so when she sees a series that she is interested in, I will manually download the episodes onto the Sky Q box. I have noticed this happening when I am downloading a lot of programmes at one time.

This problem is something that I noticed ages ago. I was trying to download a series of programmes. This fault/anomaly happened. I restarted the wifi and Sky Q. Didnt work. Tried downloading another programme - it worked. But for the programmes that my wife wanted to see, they didnt download. I think I was then successful at downloading from the Sky Go app onto the box. The app also let me download the programmes onto my phone.

I think it was something that wasnt currently available other than On Demand. Something that had been shown on TV. The series had passed but it was still available to download On Demand. But for whatever reason, it wouldnt download from the Q Box. It kept failing. Then I downloaded it from the Sky Go app to the Q Box and it worked that way. I was also able to download the series to my phone. But for some reason, it did not download directly to the box.

Sky Q is the British broadcast premium TV service, offering HDR 4K video playback with a slick modern interface, multi-box multi-room streaming, Dolby Atmos audio and integrated online services like Netflix, YouTube and Apple TV Plus. It's also got an extensive mobile component, not only letting you program recordings on-the-go, but take your recorded shows with you on mobile devices as downloads too.

Another important extra you can enjoy now is advanced voice control. Talk to the remote and you can ask for specific movies, or actors, and use commands to navigate the interface. It's a pretty quick way to get around Sky Q.

The most recent update to Sky Q brings Apple TV Plus to the service. This is a very welcome addition, particularly as Apple's streaming app isn't guaranteed to make an appearance on your smart TV, and you can't download it to your Android phone, either. As such, a Sky Q box or Sky Glass smart TV could now be the easiest and most cost-effective way to access the unique shows and movies Apple TV Plus offers.

Sky Q now comes with a choice of three remote controls: a touch controller that's half the heft of the traditional Sky remote, and a Bluetooth non-touchy variant, and a new third remote that sits somewhere between the two. Pictured below, it looks like the touch controller, but adds clicky buttons where the touch remote only has touch-sensitive zones:

That said, it's clearly going to be divisive for many, at least until they have come to adjust to the new system. Of two longer-term testers we spoke to, one actively disliked the touch remote whilst the other loved it, which replicated what our reviewers thought. In this respect, the halfway-home that sees the touch design matched with physical buttons will probably be the go-to weapon of choice for most users.

Fast-forwarding on the Sky Q remote control is precise enough. We all try and get that perfect sweet spot of forwarding through all of the adverts and hitting Play just before anyone on a show or movie starts to speak, and the touch control is capable of doing this with a bit of practice.

There is an issue where the Sky Q remote just goes into overdrive: this seems to happen if your fingers are a little moist to touch. When this occurs we just give it a few minutes to let it sort itself out

The touch remote and the newer clicky remote also accept voice input, letting you search for shows just by talking to the remote. Keep a button on the side of the remotes held down, and the Sky Q box starts listening, ready for your queries.

If you lose the Sky Q remote, press the glowing Q on the front of your box for a few seconds and the remote will emit a whistling sound, which you stop by finding the remote and clicking any of the buttons.

If you want contextual recommendations and to see the heart of Sky's new system, head to the Home section, which has a dedicated remote button. This section is the crux of the Sky Q setup: it's here where you should be able to pick up any programme you have been watching and play it from where you left off, whether you are watching from the main box, one of the Sky Q Mini boxes or on the iPad.

Being able to transfer your recordings to your smart device is a feature that many have been seeking for years. Catch-up TV and streaming have been around for a long time on multiple services and Sky Go Extra allowed you to go a step further and download an amount of TV and films to your device to watch offline.

Unlike Sky Box Sets and other on-demand TV you do not download Netflix shows or movies to your Sky Q box. There isn't much point, to be honest, and streaming saves your storage space for recordings and other downloaded content from elsewhere. It works like the other streaming apps on the Sky Q box.

And according to recent reports, many say they are having issues downloading programs. People say when they try to download any program on their Sky Q and Sky+ Hd boxes, they are getting a download failed error.

Fortunately, a Sky employee has acknowledged the issue and shared a workaround for Sky Q and Sky+ HD customers who are facing the download failed error that involves downloading the content using the Sky Go app.

Programmes are listed in our channels, featured and most popular sections. You can also find and play a range of regional, signed and HD programmes. Programmes that have been downloaded will automatically delete from the Sky EPG once they are due to expire.

To see the file size of a programme before downloading it, press the (i) button on your remote while on the programme page. Additional information will appear including the size of the programme file.

The remote acts in a similar way to a games console D-pad: you can swipe left, right, up and down to go through channels and options. But there's also a quick-scroll feature to help you find things faster and with ease. Just swipe and hold, and it'll begin to scroll for you.


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