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Free 3D Models for Microsoft Paint - Create Amazing 3D Art with Paint 3D

How to Download and Use Microsoft Paint 3D Models

If you are looking for a fun and easy way to create your own 3D models and scenes, you might want to check out Microsoft Paint 3D. This is a new application that comes with Windows 10's Creators Update, and it allows you to work with both 2D and 3D elements in a simple and intuitive interface. You can also download and use pre-made 3D models from various sources, and customize them to your liking. In this article, we will show you how to download and use Microsoft Paint 3D models, as well as some of the benefits of using this tool.

What is Microsoft Paint 3D and what can it do?

Microsoft Paint 3D is a modern version of the classic Microsoft Paint application, but with some added features that make it more suitable for creating in three dimensions. You can use it to draw, paint, color, edit, and transform both 2D and 3D elements on a virtual canvas. You can also import images, stickers, text, shapes, and models from your computer or from the built-in library. You can then manipulate them in various ways, such as resizing, rotating, moving, cropping, flipping, grouping, or adding effects. You can also create your own custom shapes and models using tools like brushes, pens, pencils, erasers, rulers, or symmetry. You can also mix colors and textures to create unique effects.

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One of the main features of Microsoft Paint 3D is that it allows you to work with both local and online sources of 3D models. You can download models or scenes from Microsoft's Remix 3D website or export your own to share them with others. You can also import models from other websites or applications that support .FBX or .3MF file formats. You can also export your creations to these formats or to .PNG or .JPG images. You can also print your scenes to a 3D printer using Windows 10's 3D Builder application.

Microsoft Paint 3D is designed to be easy to use for anyone who wants to create in three dimensions. It has a simple and user-friendly interface that lets you access all the tools and options you need. It also has a welcome screen with a challenge, video, tips and tricks, and tutorials to help you get started. You can also access more help and support from the app's menu or from the official website.

Why would you want to download 3D models for Paint 3D?

There are many reasons why you might want to download and use pre-made 3D models for your Paint 3D projects. Here are some of them:

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  • You can save time and effort by using ready-made models instead of creating them from scratch.

  • You can find a variety of models for different purposes, such as animals, characters, vehicles, buildings, furniture, plants, food, etc.

  • You can learn from other creators by studying their models and techniques.

  • You can enhance your creativity by combining different models and adding your own touches.

  • You can have fun and express yourself by creating scenes and stories with the models.

Downloading 3D models for Paint 3D is easy and free. You can find thousands of models on the internet, either from Microsoft's own library or from other sources. In the next section, we will show you how to download 3D models for Paint 3D from different sources.

How to download 3D models for Paint 3D

There are two main ways to download 3D models for Paint 3D: from the built-in 3D library or from online sources. Let's look at each of them in detail.

From the built-in 3D library

The easiest way to download 3D models for Paint 3D is to use the built-in 3D library that comes with the app. This library contains thousands of models that are curated and categorized by Microsoft. You can access the library by clicking on the "3D Library" button on the top menu bar of the app. This will open a new window where you can browse and search for models by keywords, categories, or collections. You can also filter the results by popularity, date, or name.

To download a model from the library, simply click on it and then click on the "Insert" button at the bottom of the window. This will add the model to your canvas, where you can edit and customize it as you wish. You can also preview the model before downloading it by clicking on the "Preview" button. This will show you a larger view of the model and some information about it, such as its name, creator, description, size, and license.

You can also download entire scenes from the library, which are collections of models that form a coherent theme or story. For example, you can find scenes of dinosaurs, pirates, space, Halloween, etc. To download a scene, follow the same steps as for downloading a model, but click on the "Scene" tab instead of the "Model" tab.

From online sources

If you want to download 3D models from other sources than Microsoft's library, you can do so by using websites that offer free or paid 3D models. There are many websites that offer such services, but some of the most popular ones are Sketchfab, Free3D, and CGTrader. These websites have millions of models that are created and uploaded by users from all over the world. You can find models of any type, style, quality, and complexity on these websites.

To download a model from these websites, you need to follow these steps:

  • Go to the website of your choice and search for a model that you like.

  • Check the details of the model, such as its name, creator, description, size, format, license, etc. Make sure that the model is compatible with Paint 3D and that you have permission to use it.

  • Download the model to your computer by clicking on the "Download" button or link. The model will be saved as a .ZIP file that contains one or more files with different formats.

  • Extract the .ZIP file to a folder on your computer using a program like WinZip or WinRAR.

  • Open Paint 3D and click on the "Menu" button on the top left corner of the app.

  • Select "Insert" and then "Browse files".

  • Navigate to the folder where you extracted the model and select the file with .FBX or .3MF format. These are the formats that Paint 3D supports. Click on "Open".

  • The model will be imported to your canvas, where you can edit and customize it as you wish.

Alternatively, you can also drag and drop the model file from your folder to the Paint 3D window to import it.

How to use 3D models in Paint 3D

Once you have downloaded and imported a 3D model to your Paint 3D project, you can use it in various ways. Here are some of the things you can do with 3D models in Paint 3D:

How to import and manipulate 3D models

We have already shown you how to import 3D models from different sources in the previous section. To manipulate a 3D model, you can use the tools and options that appear on the right side of the app when you select a model. These include:

  • The "Select" tool, which lets you select, move, rotate, scale, or delete a model.

  • The "Magic select" tool, which lets you cut out a part of a model or an image and use it as a separate element.

  • The "Crop" tool, which lets you crop a model or an image to a specific shape or size.

  • The "Flip" tool, which lets you flip a model or an image horizontally or vertically.

  • The "Group" tool, which lets you group two or more models or elements together so that they act as one.

  • The "Ungroup" tool, which lets you ungroup a group of models or elements.

  • The "Lock" tool, which lets you lock a model or an element so that it cannot be moved or edited.

  • The "Unlock" tool, which lets you unlock a locked model or element.

  • The "Order" tool, which lets you change the order of the models or elements on the canvas. You can bring them forward or backward, or send them to the front or back.

  • The "Opacity" tool, which lets you change the transparency of a model or an element.

The "Effects" tool, which lets you add various effects to a model or an element, such as shadows, lighting, materials, textures


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