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TOP 10 Data Engineering questions answered by CHATGPT

Updated: Jan 22

Q1. How to find duplicates in a table?

Q2. How to delete duplicates from a table?

Q3. What Difference between Union and Union all?

Q4. Number of records in output with different kinds of join.

Q5. Difference between rank, row_number and dense_rank?

If you look closely the difference is not correct as the definition of RANK and ROW Number is the same, So, After giving one more try to CHATGPT, (using Regenerate Response) the new results are correct.

Q6. Find records in a table which are not present in another table?

Q7. Find second highest salary employee in each department?

Q8. Find employees with salary more than their manager's salary?

Q9. Difference between inner and left join?

Q10. Update a table and swap gender values?

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